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The Commonwealth Party is a political party in Old Zealand. It was founded on 8 April by Senator Matthuvan Union, and currently holds 1 seat in the Senate. The party is currently in a coalition with the ruling Democratic Centrist Party.


On 8 April 2020, Senator Matthuvan Union announced that he would create the Commonwealth Party. The party, having a centre-right stance, was the first non-left-wing political party in Old Zealand.[1]

On 16 April 2020, the party changed their logo to their current one. The new logo was commissioned by Matthuvan Union, with Old Zealand Founder acting as the proxy, and was made by Tyvertsia.[2] The old logo can still be found in an older Commonwealth Party dispatch, but the link is broken and thus it no longer be found on the internet.[3]

On 19 April 2020, United England N Wales announced that the party would enter into a coalition with the Commonwealth Party, granting them a near-majority in the Senate.[4] The agreement states that they would not vote against each others laws and polls.[5] This was just a few days after Matthuvan Union and United England N Wales had a very intense debate, nearly leading to impeachment charges on each other.


The party is centre-right but with libertarian leanings. It supports less government intervention in the free market, and plans to expand the economy and military.[1]

The party is explicitly anti-Nazi and anti-fascist.[6]

Electoral History[]


Election Seats won Change Government or opposition
April 2020 by-election 1 new Government (Coalition with DCP)
June 2020 1 no change Government (Coalition with DCP)