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The Democratic Centrist Party, or DCP is the oldest political party in Old Zealand. It was founded and currently led by United England N Wales, and currently controls the Presidency, Vice Presidency, and two Senate seats.


The DCP was founded on 18 March 2020 by then-Senator United England N Wales, making it the oldest political party in Old Zealand.[1] It was not long until fellow Senator and Vice President Kingdom of Englands joined the party, and last Senator Simba World. The party quickly took over the Senate, with nearly half of all filled (non-vacant) seats by the end of March.

In April, United England N Wales and Kingdom of Englands ran for President and Vice President respectively, and won a landslide victory. Simba World ran for Senator again and was elected by default, eventually being chosen for Senate President. It was during this election when Inner AginanaUsordia from Lasagna announced that the Green Reform Party of their region would back the DCP.[2] In the by-election shortly after, new member Iquizmiare was also elected to the Senate.

On 19 April 2020, United England N Wales announced that the party would enter into a coalition with the Commonwealth Party, granting them a near-majority in the Senate.[3] The agreement states that they would not vote against each others laws and polls.[4]

On 30 April 2020, Old Zealand Founder announced he was negotiating a deal between the Democratic Centrist Party and the Commonwealth party (more specifically, between United England N Wales, Simba World, and Matthuvan Union) on who would run in the August 2020 general election.[5]


The DCP has a libertarian ideology, as shown by its policies in its dispatch; however, it considers itself centre-left,[1] and United England N Wales himself has said he hates left-wing parties.[6]

Electoral History[]


Election Seats won Change Government or opposition
March 2020 3 new Government
April 2020 1 -2 Government
April 2020 by-election 2 +1 Government
June 2020 1 -1 Government