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The Green Party, also known as Old Zealand Greens, is a political party in Old Zealand. It was founded by regional founder Old Zealand Founder on 27 April 2020.


On 27 April 2020, Old Zealand Founder expressed his wish to establish a political party, but did not want to do so as it seemed unfair.[1] President United England N Wales suggested for OZF to run an advert[2], which was done soon after.[3]


On 1 May, it and the Imperial Party were about to form an electoral alliance,[4] but the Imperial Party demanded that the alliance would support renaming the President to Kaiser,[5] which the Greens declined.[6] They later came to an agreement where they would support everything except establishing the Kaiser,[7] and thus Kaisergrün was formed.[8]

The same day, Old Zealand Founder announced he would officially support the Green Reform Party of Lasagna, as well as the FIRE Party but only if they would enter into a coalition with the GRF.[9] This was initially poorly received by the people of Lasagna, believing OZF to be "disrespectful to the boundaries of regions",[10][11] but OZF explained that he was just "saying this as a member of the Green Party, not as the founder".[12]


The Green Party, as the name states, follows the principles of green politics. It also supports social democracy. The Green Party supports the National Guard for defence and anti-fascist raiding.[13]

Election Seats won Change Government or opposition
June 2020 1 new Crossbench