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Matthuvan Union is a Senator in Old Zealand.

Political Career[]

On 8 April 2020, Matthuvan Union formed the Commonwealth Party, Old Zealand's first right-wing political party. (Specifically, it is centre-right.) That same day, he announced he would run for Senator in the upcoming by-election, and was elected by default.

Senator and Early Controversies[]

On 15 April 2020, Matthuvan Union got into an argument with Old Zealand Founder and President United England N Wales over an RMB post[1] which the latter two considered to be blatant disregard of the law. It escalated to where both sides announced impeachment claims against each other.[2][3] The following day (16 April 2020), Vice President Kingdom of Englands announced that a regional poll was deleted due to puppets being used,[4] and Matthuvan Union immediately responded by claiming that KoE violated the Constitution.[5] Unlike before however, this one did not escalate to a full impeachment inquiry.

On 19 April, tensions were nearly reignited between Matthuvan Union and United England N Wales, but both decided to drop charges against each other.[6]

Bank Governor and Secretary of the Treasury[]

On 21 April 2020, Secretary of the Treasury HavanaB appointed Matthuvan Union as Governor of the Central Bank.[7]

On 13 May, HavanaB resigned from his post and President United England N Wales appointed Matthuvan Union as the new Secretary.


Real Life[]

Matthuvan Union does not support nor dislike Boris Johnson as the Prime Minister of the UK.[8][9] He is against Jeremy Corbyn, saying that he will turn the UK into a "terrorist's haven".[10]

For international matters, Matthuvan Union is against US President Donald Trump.[11]. He believes all Prime Ministers of Australia have no personality.